Nancy Kearney


Nancy Kearney is a Global Risk Management & Financial Services Executive at PGIM. Prior to joining PGIM, Nancy is the former Vice President – of Operational Risk at Allstate insurance. She is an accomplished financial services professional specializing in risk management and agenting change to mitigate and remediate risk. Nancy has held risk leadership positions with Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, RBS and UBS where she focused on Enterprise Risk Management frameworks and governance (2 LOD) as well as Operational Risk and Control (1 LOD) within business lines and functions. Previously she consulted on strategy at Atmosclear Climate Club and OTP Bank, Hungary. Nancy has worked internationally in both eastern and western Europe. Recognized as an influential leader who partners across organizational levels, lines of business, functions and geographies, Nancy is a forward thinker who leverages experience in systems, process, risk and financial products to devise effective programs to drive change, mitigate risk, improve productivity and reduce costs. Practical in her approach, she manages risk with consideration for business performance objectives. Nancy holds an MBA in Finance and International Management from New York University and a BBA in Management Information Systems from Pace University.