10,000 Moments of Impact

At Covenant House Illinois, we count ourselves incredibly fortunate that our young people trust us to be part of their unique stories.

We count ourselves equally fortunate to be surrounded by a community of volunteers, staff, partners, and supporters who lift up our youth and believe that, by working together, we can all fight to put an end to youth homelessness.

Since opening our doors in February 2017, we've seen time and again the impact our community has on the lives of those we serve. Today, the power of that impact hit a milestone as we surpassed 10,000 visits to our daytime services center.

That's 10,000 opportunities to affect change, 10,000 steps for our youth toward a more secure future, 10,000 moments of building a stronger community, and 10,000 chances to help a young person realize their incredible potential.

Over the course of these 10,000 visits, we’ve heard heart-wrenching stories of survival from young men like William, who battled a brain tumor after losing his mother to her own cancer battle. We met young women like Dominique, who faced sexual abuse while in the care of a foster home and had to get out. We met young people from all walks of life with stories of loss, deprivation, and unforeseeable tragedy and we met some whose stories and pain are still too fresh to share.

With every young person who walked through our door, however, we also encountered hope, and determination, and the courage to fight. The youth who showed up on each of these 10,000 occasions did so with bravery and a dedication to overcome the challenges of their past and embrace the promise and potential of their individual futures.

With each new visit comes the opportunity to help our youth continue to write their own stories – stories of struggle, aspiration, and perseverance; stories whose endings may be much different than our youth ever anticipated.

What this milestone signifies to us is the 10,000 opportunities we’ve had to help create happier endings for our youth. It is a milestone that would have been impossible without the work of every member of our community, and for that, we say THANK YOU!

We know that with the continued support of this incredible community, Covenant House Illinois and the young people we serve will one day reach the ultimate milestone - a world where all youth are free from the risk of homelessness.