Perry is a talented pianist and an aspiring teacher, but he’s also a homeless kid living at Covenant House New York.

"I never really lived in a good home with my family,” Perry says. “I lived with my father and my grandmother, but there were always all these arguments… so I ended up here. It’s easier here ‘cause I don’t argue here."

Some people are surprised to hear that Perry is a self-taught musician who writes his own music.

But when they hear him talk about his dream of going to college and working in the music business, they understand how motivated Perry is to overcome his circumstances. Perry became homeless after his father told him he wasn’t wanted anymore. But despite the pain of rejection, Perry hasn't given up his dreams of a better future. Covenant House will stand with Perry every step of the way, supporting him through educational programs and job training.


The names and faces of some of our kids have been changed to protect their identities.