Faith’s mother suffered from mental illness.  Her childhood was unpredictable in the best of times, and unsafe in the worst.  Eventually her mother’s extreme paranoia and hoarding behavior made Faith’s home environment and relationship with her mother unbearable.

Seeking a better life, Faith moved in with an uncle her junior year of high school.  In her new stable environment, Faith’s grades and overall well-being improved and she was overjoyed to get accepted into university on a scholarship after high school.

However, her uncle’s generosity in opening his home to Faith was conditioned on her staying in school and keeping good grades.  So when she was forced to take time off from university for a medical condition, she found herself on the streets as well.

For a time she stayed at a youth shelter program in Chicago, working double shifts so that she could have a meal and a safe place to be until she could access a shelter bed each night.

Then she found Covenant House Illinois.  At Covenant House, Faith found a welcoming community, supportive daytime services to help her reach her educational and employment goals, and a place to call her home while she healed enough to return to her university studies.

I’m really excited to have a place to come back to everyday - a place to safely keep my belongings, study, relax and refocus. Up until now, I’ve purposely been working double shifts so that I had someplace to be until my shelter bed opened up each night, and so that I could have a meal. A place with Covenant House means that I don’t have to worry about those things anymore.

- Faith

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Christopher Montiel