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In response to the alarming crisis of youth homelessness, Covenant House Illinois emerged as a beacon of hope in the heart of River North. Transforming the historic Lawson House YMCA building into a sanctuary, CHIL marked its 30th establishment in a network dedicated to serving vulnerable youth. Providing vital services, including interim shelter with 12 beds and a welcoming drop-in center, this initiative swiftly became a vital lifeline for those in need.

Covenant House Illinois opens its doors in River North, offering shelter and services to youth experiencing homelessness.


As demand surged and the impact of our work resonated throughout the community, CHIL embarked on a mission to amplify our reach. Recognizing the imperative to be seamlessly integrated within the fabric of the population we serve, leadership set out to secure a more expansive and purpose-driven space.


With demand growing, CHIL begins the search for a larger, more tailored facility to better serve its community.


In a significant stride toward fortifying our commitment to youth facing homelessness, CHIL secured a sprawling 24,000 square foot, three-story building nestled in the heart of East Garfield Park. This strategic relocation aimed to optimize accessibility and efficacy in our mission.


CHIL secures a spacious three-story building in East Garfield Park, enhancing its capacity to support more unhoused youth.


Setting our sights on elevating CHIL's impact, we launched the ambitious Campaign for Youth Potential. This initiative aimed to bolster capacity and meticulously tailor the new premises to accommodate our needs and aspirations. Beginning Phase 1, the organization embarked on a transformative journey, revamping the first floor to house essential facilities including the Youth Development Center, a kitchen, and administrative offices.

Launching the Campaign for Youth Potential, CHIL embarks on renovating our new premises to provide expanded services and programming.


We began Phase 2 of our capital campaign. With a focus on optimizing our facilities, attention turned towards enhancing the third floor of our newly acquired building.

Phase 2 of the Campaign for Youth Potential sees CHIL focusing on enhancing facilities on the third floor of our building.


Covenenat House Photo-56.jpg


A triumphant milestone was reached as we concluded Phase 2 of our transformative campaign. Adding 37 interim shelter beds, this expansion provided a crucial lifeline for youth, offering sanctuary for up to 120 days.

CHIL completes Phase 2, adding 37 interim shelter beds to accommodate youth facing homelessness.


Commencing construction in October, Phase 3 aimed to further fortify their infrastructure by adding 19 additional interim shelter beds. With an extended stay duration of up to 2 years, this expansion ensured prolonged support for youth.


Entering Phase 3 of the campaign, CHIL begins construction to add 19 additional transitional living beds, extending support to youth for up to 2 years.

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