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Volunteer with Covenant House Illinois!


Individuals, corporations and businesses, community organizations, and groups of all sizes - Covenant House Illinois needs your help!  It is only with the sustained support of our community and friends that we can offer so many opportunities for healing and growth to our young people. Contact us today!


Groups & Individuals


Much of Covenant House Illinois’ success is due to passionate community members who support our mission of treating our youth with unconditional love and absolute respect. Volunteer your time and talents, and show our young people that they are not alone.


At CHIL, we recognize that successful partnerships don’t generally fit a one size fits all model. We’d love to learn about the needs of your group and create a partnership that is meaningful, rewarding and sustainable for all involved. We can work with you to engage your employees in multiple ways.

Corporate & Community Partnerships

Associate Board


Volunteers ages 25-35 may wish to consider joining our Associate Board of Young Professionals. Covenant House Illinois' Associate Board is made up of compassionate, philanthropic professionals, ages 25-35, with a desire to end youth homelessness in Chicago. Members focus their efforts in three major areas: fundraising, social advocacy, and service.  


The Associate Board empowers our youth by serving as advocates and embracing the mission of CHIL. We join together as a community to stand up for young people in need, and help give our youth a voice. 

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