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Faces Behind CHIL: Juan

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Juan is from the Hermosa neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago. Growing up, his family moved around a lot; He transferred between six schools before he graduated from High School in June 2016.

Though Juan has a brother, Oliver (16) and a sister Nancy (26), he admits “I grew up alone”. He stays in touch with both of his parents, but reflects on more challenging times “Both my parents are very hard workers, they do the best they can”.

Juan came to Covenant House mid-pandemic, in January 2020 after learning about CHIL through a friend. Even since his arrival, he admits he sometimes still has restless and sleepless nights. However his spirit remains optimistic as he builds on his progress and sets his goals for the future with Employment & Education Specialist Camille.

During his time at Covenant House Juan has secured a job working a maintenance position at West Town Bikes, an organization that empowers youth through hands on education and business development. He really enjoys his job and has been there since March 2021, saving-up his earning for the future.

Though Juan has faced his share of challenges, his friendly nature endures. He’s quick to greet fellow CHIL residents and staff each day - “At my Church in Humbolt Park, I was always the person who welcomed everyone, I would say ‘Hi’ to them and give them a hug, and this was pre-covid of course. I like meeting people”

Juan, 24

Current Resident at Covenant House Illinois

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