Help us end youth homelessness

Do you have a safe place to sleep tonight?


Covenant House Illinois currently offers a daytime youth development center and twelve units of interim crisis housing, and we have plans to grow and increase the number of beds and services we offer in years to come. When you walk through our doors, we can offer you immediate medical attention, food, and a place to rest. 


We make sure our youth receive access to mentorship, guidance, mental health services, life enrichment programming, and more. It’s our calling to develop relationships based on trust between those who need our help and our staff.


Together, youth and their case managers work to establish a plan and goals to help them overcome homelessness and, ultimately, put them on the path home.


Every night in the city of Chicago, as many as 3,000 youth grapple with homelessness.

Here are just a few of the difficulties they face:


The Covenant House Model


Helping amplify the voice of the youth population, Covenant House Illinois offers a combination of support strategies, including: educational programs, job training and placement, medical services, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and legal aid.