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A Q&A with long-time Sleep Out participant: Anil Kar

Anil is a Managing Director at Accenture and leads the Cloud First growth in the Financial Services industry. He's been with Accenture for 8+ years focusing on Technology transformation enabled by cloud for Financial Services clients in the Midwest market unit. Anil has been on the Accenture Sleep Out planning team for the last 3+ years and actively promotes the sleep out within the market unit and various Employee Resource Groups in Accenture. This year Anil will be sleeping out with his son Aahan Kar.

How long you've been sleeping out: This is my third year of sleeping out. I did the virtual Sleep Out: Chicago in 2020 and in person in 2021.

How you learned about CHIL and Sleep Out: Anil first learned about Covenant House Illinois and Sleep Out through Accenture’s long-standing partnership with Covenant Houses’ locations across 34 cities and 6 countries to help youth facing homelessness. We have provided the youth with job readiness curriculum, opportunities to engage with and learn from Accenture volunteers, pro-bono work and grants to further the mission of Covenant House, in addition to contributing over 2 million dollars to support their efforts. I learned from my seasoned colleagues who are long-time sleepers.

What Sleep Out means to you: It’s a way to experience and realize our complex world. The experience of sleeping out takes me closer to the real world and pushes me to help more!

Tips for fundraising: Do not underestimate the strength of your network. People are generous and always ready to help a great cause like this. Do not feel ashamed to remind people – everyone is busy! Be passionate and spare a few hours to reach out.

Favorite thing about the overall Sleep Out experience: It gives me a new goal for next year – Can I sleep for the whole night outside? I could barely sleep for 4hrs because of the extreme chill in 2021!!

Why others should consider participating in Sleep Out: It is an experience of great joy and deep humility to help young people whose lives have been impacted. You will want to help more after you meet with the young people and hear their stories.

What you hope that you and your son will gain from being a part of Sleep Out together: It is going to be fun. He is looking forward to creating his first fundraising campaign.



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