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Meet Diego, Lead Youth Advisor at CHIL

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Diego has been a Youth Advisor at CHIL for almost two years and was recently promoted to Lead Youth Advisor. Diego is a Chicago native and National Louis University graduate. When Diego learned about the programs and services provided by CHIL, he knew the position was the perfect fit for his passion to serve those most in need; “I’ve always known I would spend my career helping people”.

What Diego enjoys most about working at CHIL is that each and every day is a new experience and another opportunity to encourage young people to continue working toward their goals. In his position as Lead YA, Diego has also developed professional skills he will carry throughout his career, including problem-solving and interpersonal communication strategies.

Diego uses his life experience to encourage youth at CHIL to not give up. “Since I was a child, my mom has been my backbone, my pillar while I was growing up. When I was younger, we faced unstable housing for a period of time, but it wasn’t terrible because I had my mother, and I was extremely fortunate in that regard”. Diego knows not all youth have the same support to help them during hard times. That’s what inspires his work with the youth at CHIL, spurring him to offer words of encouragement, advice, and guidance that he was so fortunate to receive from his mother.

CHIL’s youth-focused approach to services ensures that as staff we accompany our young people along their journey and provide support whenever needed, concentrating on and encouraging their own unique strengths guided by unconditional love and absolute respect.

“I’ve taken that lesson with me my entire life, plus paying it forward," said Diego. “That’s an experience from my past that I share with the youth”.

CHIL is currently accepting applications for several openings, including several Youth Advisor positions. If you or someone you know is a caring, passionate professional, we encourage you to review our openings and generous benefits package here.

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