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Northshore Magazine: Chicago Area Business Leaders Rally Support for Covenant House's Sleep Out

On November 18, hundreds of people throughout the Chicago area will give up their beds for one night to ensure that youth facing homelessness can sleep safely at Covenant House Illinois (CHIL), a mission-led Chicago nonprofit.

The “Sleep Out” is a way for people to demonstrate their empathy and commitment to youth (ages 18-25) who do not have shelter or a bed of their own. It’s also an important fundraiser to enable Covenant House Illinois to continue its service and mission of providing young people a path our of homelessness. “Sleep Out is a unique and powerful experience for caring folks to come together and stand in solidarity with our city’s young people struggling with the devastation of homelessness” says CHIL Executive Director, Susan Reyna-Guerrero.

Among those sleeping out will be James, Coleman, Accenture’s Senior Managing Director for it’s Chicago office. Jim and his wife, Cari, are serving as inaugural chairs for CHIL’s 2021 Sleep Out: Chicago, which aims to enlist approximately 250 sleepers and raise $500,000. #SleepOut #CovenantHouseIL

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